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Call for Papers (CSTIC 2017) 

Abstract Template

**Full length manuscripts of accepted papers will be considered for publication in IEEE Xplore.

How To Write A Quality Abstract?

Abstract Deadline: September 30th 2016,Extended to October 31th 2016
Abstract Acceptance Notification:  October 15th 2016
Manuscript Deadline: December 19th, 2016

Welcome to CSTIC 2017, one of the largest and the most comprehensive annual semiconductor technology conferences in China and the World since 2000. CSTIC is organized by SEMI and IEEE-EDS, co-organized by IMEC and ICMTIA(The Integrated circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance). It is co-sponsored by ECS, MRS and CEMIA(China Electronics Materials Industry Association). CSTIC 2017 will be held on  March 12-13, 2017 in Shanghai, China, in conjunction with SEMICON China 2017. It will cover all the aspects of semiconductor technology with focus on manufacturing and advanced technology, including detail manufacturing processes, devices design, integration, materials, and equipment, as well as emerging semiconductor technologies, circuit design, and silicon material applications. Hot topics, such as memory technology, 3D integration, MEMS and Photovoltaic Technology will also be addressed in the conference.

SEMI Vision and Aims

It aims to provide a platform for executives, managers, engineers and researchers to exchange the latest developments in semiconductor technology and manufacturing. It also offers opportunities for those who are interested in investing and collaboration in the semiconductor industry in Asia, particularly in China. If you are interested in presenting at CSTIC 2017, please contact

Scope of Paper Solicited

We are soliciting papers from authors around the world on all aspects of semiconductor and photovoltaic technology and manufacturing, including semiconductor design, Frond-End-of-Line (FEOL), Back-End-of-Line (BEOL), packaging, testing, as well as emerging semiconductor technologies; photovoltaic market, policy, power grid, device, design, process, tooling, materials, and fundamental study between China and the rest of the world with a focus on industrial applications..

Symposium I: Device Engineering and Memory Technology

Symposium II: Lithography and Patterning

Symposium III: Dry & Wet Etch and Cleaning

Symposium IV: Thin Film, Plating and Process Integration

Symposium V: CMP and Post-Polish Cleaning

Symposium VI: Metrology, Reliability and Testing

Symposium VII: Packaging and Assembly

Symposium VIII: MEMS, Sensors and Emerging Semiconductor Technologies

Symposium IX: Circuit Design, Systems and Applications

Si Materials and Photovoltaic Technology (Detail conference information please refer to the link)

Important Dates and Instructions

Call for Papers Opens

Jun 30, 2016    Authors must use the ABSTRACT TEMPLATE.  Word limit is up to 1000 words. The abstract must clearly describe the nature, scope, content, organization, key points and significance of the proposed paper.

Abstract Submissions Due

Sep 30, 2016

Abstracts submitted after the published deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Author Notification Sent    

Nov15, 2016

Primary authors/contacts will receive an instructional email.  Upon notification, authors will be requested to confirm their participation in the conference.

Manuscripts Due

Dec 19, 2016

 ALL authors, regardless of session, are required to submit a preliminary/draft manuscript using
the approved
MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE with the filename as 'CSTIC 2017_Symposium ID_Author' (ID: Serial Number).  Once completed, preliminary must be uploaded to the CSTIC collection site in PDF version.   

Presentations Due  

Feb 20, 2017  

Speakers are responsible for providing a PPT in advance to be uploaded for presentation at the conference.  We encourage speakers to use the CSTIC 2017 PPT template.  SEND PPT to
For poster presentations, we recommend that authors refer to the CSTIC 2017 poster samplerather than multiple pages, as it looks more professional. Dimensions of the poster frame area is 60cm (width) x 90cm (height)

Conference Dates   

March 12-13, 2017   

All CSTIC 2017 speakers/presenters who attend the conference must register.

ECS Best Student Paper Awards and SEMI Best Young Engineer Paper Awards

It will be presented during the conference to recognize outstanding scientific and/or engineering work in fundamental or applied semiconductor industrial field by a student or young engineer in the world, particularly in China. The nominee must be a graduate student or young scientist or engineer who has contributed an accumulation of outstanding theoretical and/or experimental work in the fields of semiconductor.  The age is generally younger than 40.

CSTIC Best Poster Awards

It will be given to best posters presented at the conference to recognize outstanding scientific and/or engineering work in fundamental or applied semiconductor technologies by any authors in the world, particularly in China. Three awards will be presented in this category. All poster papers will be eligible for consideration of these CSTIC Best Poster Awards. The Award winners will be selected by the SESEA Award Committee based on the technical merits of the submitted papers and visual presentation of the posters.

Please visit for detailed information.

Contact: Kelly Zhang SEMI China Phone: 86.21.6027.8556 Fax: 86.21.6027.8511